"I didn't want to see this again"

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We are all grown ups, so let's have a good time.

0. NONE?!*

1. No illegal things on chat

2. No exploits that harm the server

3. Don't spray shock images

* = with aforementioned exceptions, "NONE" also applies to server admins

Self-moderation is encouraged, if someone is being a dick, mute them.


For any issues with the server, contact us at admin@spamgrounds.net


Q: Can I become an admin?

A: We are not recruiting new admins at this time.

Q: No rules? Seriously?

A: We believe in freedom of expression, following the legacy of old Spamgrounds. Admins may take action with their sole discretion, as per rule #0.
Illegal content in chat (e.g. doxing) is not allowed for obvious reasons, don't be stupid.

Q: How can I support the server?

A: By regularly joining us! We do not currently solicit donations.

Q: Are gameplay exploits allowed?

A: Yes, as long it won't harm the server. (i.e. crashing the server)

Q: Why can't I spray Goatse and ISIS beheadings to the walls???

A: Our server is open for all, and not everyone is fond of graphic content. If we spot you spraying nasty decals, we'll confiscate your spraycan.

Q: Where is the server located?

A: Frankfurt, Germany.

Q: Who do I contact for questions / user reports on the server?

A: admin@spamgrounds.net

Q: I got banned from Spamgrounds!

A: Idiot.